DREAM Recipients: How Many Millions Will Try to Pass for Under 30?
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Remember this guy? He was the 25-year-old Honduran crack dealer Jose Mendoza Cerrato who successfully masqueraded as a juvenile in permissive San Francisco using fake identification that portrayed him as being 17. So instead of being tried, imprisoned and later deported as an adult felon, he was sent at taxpayer expense ($7K/month) to a comfy group home in San Bernardino County to receive culturally appropriate liberal counseling. (See my blog item, Another San Francisco Poster Boy Crack Dealer,)

Anyway, the point is that illegals procure fraudulent IDs specific to their needs. If the miscreants need to be juveniles, then no problema. They just stipulate that requirement when ordering up their fake papers from the local distributor.

The usual estimate of eligible persons for the DREAM Amnesty is two million, but that number is based on the numbers of illegals who are actually under 30.

But since there is no requirement for the authorities to check any of the applicants’ papers, the varieties of fraud will most certainly include age. Persons who genuinely graduated from high school, but at a time inconvenient to pose as under 30, will buy a fake diploma online with a better date.

If the amnesty passes, I’m thinking there will be gigantic rush on hair dye among the post-30 alien crowd to look younger by coloring over the annoying grey.

There’s no punishment for lying on the application, so the question is who won’t apply? And who behind the desk will question anyone for looking too old? It won’t happen.

Just filling out the papers gets the illegals a ten-year work permit, so it’s a no brainer for moocher illegals. (See Roy Beck’s blog, Congress Votes Today on Millions of 10-Year Work Permits for Illegal Aliens.)

How many illegal aliens would apply for the no-real-requirements DREAM Amnesty? Many, many millions.

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