Another San Francisco Poster Boy Crack Dealer...
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Here's another mug shot from San Francisco of one of its "juvenile" crack dealers — oh wait, he's actually 25. What a surprise.

When San Francisco made clear its intention to coddle underage illegal aliens, the local dealers got their fake IDs made up for minors. This guy is an example.

When he was caught selling crack in San Francisco's Tenderloin in April, the Honduran immigrant who called himself Javier Martinez first told police he was 18. Then he said he was 16.

Because he insisted he was underage, police were duty-bound to take him to Juvenile Hall, where he would be shielded from deportation under the city's long-standing policy of not reporting juvenile offenders to federal immigration authorities. He was soon put up in a $7,000-a-month group home in Southern California at city taxpayer expense.

In short order, he became one of the eight offenders who walked away from unlocked homes in San Bernardino County, escapes that contributed to a national outcry over San Francisco's policies and prompted Mayor Gavin Newsom to announce that the city would no longer afford juveniles a refuge from deportation. Four of the offenders are now back in custody - and Martinez is one of them, arrested in San Francisco for allegedly dealing drugs.

Martinez now says he was 25 all along, and that his true name is Jose Mendoza Cerrato. On Thursday, he pleaded guilty in adult court to drug dealing and is expected to be transferred to immigration authorities for possible deportation as soon as next month.
[Honduran drug suspect gamed juvenile system, by Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle, August 31, 2008]

San Francisco — always the leader in immigration anarchy!

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