Dream Act Administrative Amnesty–”Disaster Of Biblical Proportions”
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Federale calls this latest announcement [Senate Says Good News Coming Soon for Undocumented Students, Fox News Latino, August 5, 2011] a “Disaster Of Biblical Proportions”–this is a Ghostbusters (1984) reference, which leads me to wonder if the Stay-Puft marshmallow man would be eligible for Dream Act relief. Or Gozer, for that matter. They both came through from another dimension, after all.

I think Gozer would be ineligible on grounds of age–he/she/it is over 6000 years old, and the Dream Act Age cutoff is  35.

Federale writes
Or, how desperate the Obama Regime is. With poll ratings crashing and purple states going red, the Obama Regime is digging deep into its Stalinist bag o’ tricks and will soon be issuing an official DREAM Act Administrative Amnesty openly and in flagrant violation of the Constitution, undoubtedly hoping that illegal alien voting will carry the day in November 2012.
Chicago – Sen. Richard Durbin said Friday that the Department of Homeland Security will soon have a relevant announcement on the long-stalled DREAM Act and the deporting of undocumented students.
Spanish-language daily HOY published on its Web site that the Illinois Democrat made the revelation at a meeting with the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board, owner of the publication.
It said that Durbin, who has been a sponsor of the bill currently stalled in the Senate, said that at this time the wording of the announcement about the DREAM Act and deportations is being worked on.
The senator mentioned no dates, but said it will be soon, HOY said.
“I believe that if students are eligible for the DREAM Act, they should not be the target of deportations,” the senator told reporters, adding that in a short time the Department of Homeland Security will make a very positive announcement in that regard.
“I’ve been working with the president (Barack Obama) and with (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano on that aspect”, the senator was cited by HOY as saying.
He gave no details about the possible announcement, but groups that defend undocumented immigrants have demanded that Obama use his executive powers to stop deportations, particularly of young people who could benefit from the DREAM Act.
Obama was in Chicago on Wednesday for a combination 50th birthday party/star-studded fundraiser, an occasion at which he was applauded by the 2,500 guests when he said, “”We are a nation of immigrants. We want to welcome extraordinary talent to our shores and have a legal immigration system that works for everybody.”
It appears that the Morton memos were not enough and that there will be explicit, public, and written instructions to DHS not to remove any alien who would qualify for any of the variations of the DREAM Act.
Of course, this will be the Regime laying down a marker, daring the House to take action in opposition. A good start will be impeachment of Morton or Janet Reno Napolitano.
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