Doxxing Comes For The Left....Or Does It?
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I imagine Joseph Alcoff [Email him] slogging through his days at Americans For Financial Reform, a D.C. nonprofit that pals around with characters like Maxine Waters and Dianne Feinstein, and lamenting the boringness of it all.

Then, hitting the streets at night as "Jose Martin" to bullhorn about murdering the rich.  Revolutionary satisfaction!

The Daily Caller has done an exhaustive deep dive to rip off his antifa mask.

Revealed: Antifa Leader Relied On Anonymity To Push Radical, Violent Communist Agenda, by Andrew Kerr, December 16, 2018

Editor’s note: The subject of this story is being identified because he’s pushed radical rhetoric and has advocated for politically-motivated violence from behind a mask. The Daily Caller News Foundation does not and will not publish truly private information such as home addresses.

Yet for all the reporter's hard work, I suspect it won't amount to anything like the consequences that would befall a Republican Congressional staffer or Heritage Foundation intern "unmasked" as alt-right, a Proud Boy, or white advocate.

For one thing, the left simply doesn't have that radioactive barrier between its "respectable" and "terrorist" camps that the right has between its "respectable" and "racist" camps.  You will not see Dianne Feinstein issuing a press release to distance herself from the vile rhetoric of Joseph Alcoff.

For another, it seems to run in the family.  Mom is a professor who proudly raised Joseph and brother Sam—a producer for Democracy Now—to be revolutionaries.  Many alt-righters' moms would try distancing themselves.

So far he hasn't been fired from his job at Americans for Financial Reform. As far as we know, all that's happened is that AFR has been trying to clumsily scrub references to him from its website. (See here.) And there's no coverage of him in the press.

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