Double Team—the Treason Bar And The Obama Regime Are At It Again
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The treason bar and the Obama Regime are at it again. The treason bar is as mad as a wet hen at what they dishonestly call the Deporter-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, for the fictional increase in deportations. As shown, Fiscal Year 2011 deportations were not a record, but a fiction, 19,000 less than claimed. In fact, removals are on a downward spiral, and for a good reason. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations has fully implemented the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

But that is not enough for the treason bar, and they are the vanguard of the Regime's Administrative Amnesty. They have a maximalist policy and are leading the Regime by the nose, apparently voluntarily, in a kabuki theater of the absurd.

ILW Blog By Roger Algase

Bloggings:ICE Officers Are Disregarding The Morton "Prosecutorial Discretion" Deportation Memo. Was This Memo Ever Meant To Be Followed?

The New York Times, in a November 12 article by Julia Preston ("Deportations under new US policy are inconsistent") has confirmed what many immigration lawyers already suspect, namely that many ICE officers are ignoring the June 17 John Morton "prosecutorial discretion" memo (see also Greg Siskind's blogging in the November 16 ID). However, it is difficult to see how ICE officers could follow the Morton memo and still reach what, by all indications, continues to be the White House's target of nearly 400,000 deportations per year.

The NYT article sets up a false dichotomy on the Regime's Amnesty, claiming that one deportation is instructive when even the article highlights the fact that most illegal aliens are gaining amnesty from ICE ERO.

And that is supported by other ERO failures:

In Alabama, 13 illegal aliens were arrested by local police for blocking traffic while protesting a law authorizing State officials to arrest and hand over to ICE ERO illegal aliens.

The Washington Post November 17, 2011

All 13 Arrested For Protesting Alabama Immigration Law Released From Jail

A spokesman for the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the agency hasn’t lodged a detainer against any of the protesters.


SF Weekly November 17, 2011

Minhaz Kahn, DREAM Act Eligible Student, Spared Deportation — For Now

Minhaz Kahn — the UC-Riverside alumnus who last week had to show immigration officers that he bought a one-way ticket back to his native Bangladesh — learned Tuesday that he doesn't have to return home just yet. He will be able to stay in the country for another three months.

Kahn credited the media, which might have helped his case after we wrote about his situation last week. "My case officer said he had seen my article online in the SF Weekly," Kahn said. "He took my [ankle] bracelet off, and now I just have to do month-to-month check-ins."

In fact the dishonest complaints from the treason bar are fiction, and clearly the typical Alinskyite tactic used by communists:

The Los Angeles Times November 18, 2011

Obama Administration Showing Leniency In Immigration Cases

Reporting from Washington— The Obama administration will review immigration cases in Baltimore and Denver with an eye toward freezing deportations of illegal residents who have no criminal records and expanding the program nationwide.

The elderly, children who have been in the country more than five years, students who came to the U.S. under the age of 16 and are enrolled in a college degree program, and victims of domestic violence are among those whose deportations could be put on hold under the test program, which begins Dec. 4 and could be broadened in January.

So, there we have it. Roll out in December and nationwide implementation in January. And Rick Perry is babbling about a part-time Congress. Well, Congress should be working full-time to impeach Obama.

As an aside, professional contact with ERO has confirmed that the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty has been fully adopted by ERO at the Field Office management level. So all the complainers like the treason bar and communists at the New Republic are all wet.

The New Republic November 18, 2011

Will Obama’s Latest Immigration Reform Really Fix Anything?

It is welcome news that the administration finally intends to fulfill the promise of its memo, but its plan hardly addresses the fundamental problem, which is not a lack of education or training. The problem is contempt. A substantial portion of America’s immigration officers in this country scorn their superiors, bash their headquarters, and are defying the president’s prerogative to set executive branch policy. This must be met not with training, but with accountability. Until the administration addresses that core problem, it can run training seminars to its heart’s content—but little is likely to change.

The Amnesty is being fully implemented. Heros like Chris Crane are, however, speaking truth to power. There is nothing but contempt for the Regime and its scourge of lawyers who have never put handcuffs on anyone, except their boyfriends/girlfriends. Chertoff, Meyers, Reno, Bersin, all lawyers and none have ever made an arrest.

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