Donald Trump: The Inarticulate Orator
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trumphorseFrom my new column in Taki’s Magazine:
The Inarticulate Orator

It has come as a recurrent shock to the press that a man who doesn’t seem even conventionally gifted in English has liberated for democratic consideration so many forbidden ideas.

How did that happen?

First, the artlessness of how Trump frames his proposals exposes the extremism of the globalist ruling class’ emerging ideology of borderlessness. …

But second, it’s also because Trump is a salesman without a silver tongue that he feels the need to avoid the usual eloquent obfuscations and boil ideas down to basic realities. He’s just not trumptowerverbally adept enough to put over the kind of high-status bilge that has colonized our thoughts.

There’s also an account of how Donald Trump ruined what Andy Warhol hoped would be a beautiful friendship.

Read the whole thing there.

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