Don't Want Amazon's Headquarters In A Homophobic Red State? Move It To Haiti!
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A person you’ve never heard of named Ana Ma wants Amazon to pick the location of its new headquarters to reflect the company’s stated commitment to “equal rights” for homosexuals and other deviants.

Madame Ma argues that Amazon chieftain Jeff Bezos shouldn’t pick any state where evil Republicans are pushing laws to protect Christians from the zealots who would silence them and force them to bake cakes for homosexual nuptials.

But I have an idea, given that Madame Ma and Mr. Bezos are very likely of the same kidney when it comes to their opinion of President Trump’s assessment of certain countries as “s**tholes.”

Bezos should put the company’s $5 billion headquarters in downtown Port au Prince, Haiti, which would not only be a real commitment to “equality,” but also bring thousands of jobs to a poverty-stricken country whose people, we are told, are just as good and smart as any stupid American. After all, the likes of Ma and Bezos do tell us that America should welcome people from everywhere. But he can save them a trip. Build Amazon’s headquarters in Haiti.

Bezos’ managers should also include a large number of homosexuals, who will, undoubtedly, be perfectly happy to uproot themselves from this racist, fascist nation to escape Trump and live instead in the warm embrace of the Haitian people.

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