Ace Of Spades Nails It On Deportations Under Trump — If Obama Was The Deportation Champ, Why No Sob Stories
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Ace of Spades nailed it in a blog post about CNN leftist Jim Acosta’s ejection from the White House after he tried to embarrass President Trump during an appearance with President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan.

Ace wants to know why, if President Obama was the king of deportations, the media wasn’t pushing out sob stories about that:

As many have asked: Did CNN do any stories about the Human Face of Deportation about Obama? Remember, the leftist media attempted to shield Obama from criticism over his poor record of border security by repeatedly echoing the administration propaganda line that Obama had deported more people than any president in history. Obama’s pro-illegal allies even helpfully named him the "Deporter in Chief," so he could take that to market and pose as a border hawk.

If that was true, and the media sure acted as if it was, why were there no stories about all the wonderful illegal aliens being deported under Obama?

The answers are either 1, because the media knew that claim was a propagandistic lie and/or 2, because the media doesn't report negatively about partisan progressive politicians, especially not about Prince Gaylord Urkel.

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