Don't Mess With The Mandelas
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Aurora Empowerment Systems is one of a number of entities set up after Black rule in South Africa to enable various members of the new ruling caste to be essentially given portions of the country’s economy. This one has a grandson of Nelson Mandela as Managing Director and a nephew of the current South African President as Chairman.

It also has a robust attitude to stewardship of its assets:

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South African police found four bullet-riddled bodies in an unused shaft of a mine belonging to relatives of Nelson Mandela and President Jacob Zuma, an officer said on Thursday.

Police told reporters they believed the men were illegally prospecting for gold in abandoned shafts at the Grootvlei mine outside Johannesburg.

Media reports speculated that as many as 20 illegal miners could have been shot by security guards patrolling the property earlier this week.

Four bullet-riddled bodies found in S.African mine By Peroshni Govender Reuters Fri Aug 13, 2010

Old South African gold mines such as Grootvlei have scores, sometimes hundreds, of miles of underground workings, and often have numerous shafts, many of them closed down. With the fluctuating price of gold infiltration by thieves has long been a problem. However, murdering them is unheard of. If this had occurred when the whites ruled South Africa the UN Security Council would probably be in session

South Africa's National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) expressed shock…. Let's remember that this alleged incident has taken place at a mine where miners have not been paid for almost a year," said NUM spokesman Lesiba Seshoka. "The owners are not taking responsibility for their operations at the mine and are not paying the staff. The mine workers are not been provided with the proper services that they require such as water and the people who are in charge keep getting away with it because of their political clout," Seshoka said.

Four Found Dead in Abandoned Mine in South Africa 2010-98-13

The company is unrepentant:

Aurora Empowerment Systems commercial director Thulani Ngubane said: "It is simple... if you go out there and steal gold, should I just go down on my knees and pray? “It doesn't work like that. We have to protect our assets."

Cops probing mine murders 2010-08-13

Thuggishness of this type is exactly what one would expect from a descendant of Nelson Mandela. Although the MSM treats him as a preferred alternative to Father Christmas, Mandela was actually an nasty individual who freely admitted assembling a large arms dump and planning a terrorist campaign - see this free definitive discussion - (and to being a Communist). Had he obtained power as a younger man, the world would know him as at least a Mugabe, possibly a Pol Pot. And the fears of those who opposed Black rule are inevitably being proved to be justified as Ilana Mercer has documented here and here.

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