DOJ Moves To Facilitate Hispanic Voter Fraud In Texas - Will Candidate Perry Defend His State?
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The Stand With Arizona blog gets right to the point:

"Sneaking it in late on a Friday afternoon on a very busy news day, the U.S. Department of Justice quietly told the Texas Secretary of State that the state’s Voter ID law – passed this past spring – “lacked enough information for the government to render a decision.”

More specifically, the DoJ wants more information about the “group of 605,576 registered voters who do not possess a valid ID”. What kind of information? Why ethnic information, of course. But curiously they only seem interested in Hispanic would-be voters…"
Operation Voter Fraud 2012: Dept. of Justice Delays Approval of TX Voter ID Law by John Hill September 25, 2011

This story is derived from Feds Hold Off Approving Texas' Voter ID Bill By Julian Aguilar The Texas Tribune 2/23/2011

"The bill, SB 14…would require that voters present a valid state-issued ID before casting a ballot…Democrats and civil rights groups have argued that the new requirement would adversely affect minority populations and the elderly who do not have immediate access to identification.

In a letter to the state, T. Christian Herren, the chief of DOJ's Voting Section... specifically asks the state to identify how many members of that group have Spanish surnames… and an estimated number by race. The DOJ also requests the Secretary of State provide the number of registered voters in Texas with a Spanish surname who currently possess a legal form of identification."

This bill was passed in the special session of the Texas Legislature called by Governor Perry, in which he failed to get anti “Sanctuary City” action taken, evidently under orders from large contributors.

So here is the Obama-inspired DOJ moving to block legislation Governor Perry designated an “emergency item” earlier this year, with the blatant intent of facilitating Hispanic voter fraud.

Is GOP Presidential aspirant Perry going to defend his own State’s law?

H/T One Old Vet

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