Doing jobs Americans won't do...
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In May 2003 in Texas, 19 out of more than 70 illegal immigrants suffocated to death in a tractor-trailer truck driven by Tyrone Williams

Obviously Tyrone Williams, an immigrant from Jamaica, is not one of those fairy god mother immigrants improving America’s moral tone:

In May 2003, his tractor-trailer was packed with more than 70 immigrants from Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic. As temperatures rose inside the airtight refrigerator truck, the immigrants kicked walls, clawed at insulation, broke out taillights and screamed for help.

Williams, apparently frightened at the sight of the dead bodies strewn inside his truck when he opened the door, abandoned the trailer at a truck stop near Victoria, about 100 miles southwest of Houston.

Truck Driver sentenced to life in prison - By Juan A. Lozano Associated Press January 18 2007

Abandoned the truck…how? He hitch hiked? This is not the spirit that built America.

Our writer Bryanna Bevens thought Williams a scapegoat. Perhaps so.

That does not mean he was worth importing.

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