Mexican Justice
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Remember Tyrone Williams? He is facing the death penalty for his role in the smuggling case where 19 illegal aliens died during their surreptitious journey into the United States.

14 people were indicted and at least four, which we know of, fled to Mexico.

The four in custody in Mexico were facing identical charges to those of Williams, sans the possible consequence of death of course.

But not anymore!

Victor Sanchez Rodriguez, Emma Sapata Rodriguez, Rosa Sarrata Gonzalez and Octavio Torres Ortega were released from custody after a judge ruled that the Mexico Attorney General’s office provided witnesses with false identification. Mexican judge drops charges against 4 tied to truck deaths By IOAN GRILLO and HARVEY RICE Houston Chronicle 2/3/05
Yeah, Mexico in general seems to have problems with the whole fraudulent documents thing…we see where their would-be immigrants get it from.

Here’s the irony: Rodriguez, Rodriguez and Gonzalez are still being detained because they are U.S. citizens and could face extradition (yeah, right).

Either way, they rot in a cell for an undetermined amount of time.

Octavio Torres Ortega, a Mexican citizen, just walked free.

No wonder Mexicans like to come here illegally. Who would want to be an American…especially in Mexico?

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