Does White 75-Year-Old Former NYC Crime Reporter Understand Her Sucker-Punching Was Racial?
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Earlier (2017) by Steve Sailer: What Happened the Last Time Liberals Were in Charge of Public Safety

New York City was the scene of yet another likely racial attack by a black person.

This time, the attacker was a black male, and the victim was an older white woman named Judith Thomas, who was on her way to Easter dinner on the Upper East Side.

Thomas, herself a former crime reporter who remembers the crime waves of the 1980s, offered some of the usual liberal nonsense: the attack was caused by racial inequality and lack of services for the homeless and mentally ill.

But then she threw in this:

'We used to joke about carrying mugger money so you give the $20 to the mugger. This is something totally different, this is random violence. It's directed against different ethnic groups and that's horrifying, because this is a city in which many different ethnic groups live together very peaceably.'

['At least in the 80s they mugged you for money': New Yorker, 75, who was sucker-punched in broad daylight amid sharp increase in crime says random attack 'made no sense', by James Keivom and Holden Walter-Warner,, April 7, 2021] 

Of course, it’s not really “random” if it’s “directed against different ethnic groups.” It’s hate crime.

Does she think whites are one of those ethnic groups? Is she afraid to say?

Multicultural brainwashing is so thorough in our country that some whites, even when literally smashed in the face by racial reality, don’t get what’s going on.

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