Does Text Communication Cut Down On Crime?
October 05, 2010, 05:10 PM
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We know a surprising amount about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg because so many business decisions were done by text, which is archived, and can be leaked.

That got me to thinking : Crime seems to be falling pretty steadily. It would seem like social networking age would be a bad time to become a criminal. Say you were 16 and wanted to try a big crime like robbing a convenience store. Your cell phone can tell which cell you were in, so you have to leave it home. But you don`t feel as confident without it.

Then, you want to brag to all you friends about knocking over the convenience store, so you go on MySpace, but then you realize it`s all archived. So you start to send out instant messages, but you realize those are archived to, so you`d have to get together with your friends, but you`d rather stay and play Grand Theft Auto, which you can at least text message you friends about. So, maybe you turning to a life of crime was a bad idea.