Dobbs Should "Out" Colorado's Gov. Bill Owens
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Colorado's open borders Gov. Bill Owens' (RINO) appearance last Friday on Lou Dobbs' Show may have some thinking that our globalist Guv is on our side (not!). In the past three years, Owens' surrendered both the Republican-held State Assembly and Senate to pro-invasion Democrats, and cast a key Republican US Senate seat to Democrat Ken Salazar—who is rated D- on immigration.

Owens was on Dobbs on the 3rd Anniversary of a key victory for him: the 2003 Good Friday passage of Colorado's misnamed Secure and Verifiable ID Act, which his minion — former State Senator John Andrews (R) — amended to create de facto sanctuary for many criminal aliens and to extend unlimited benefits for illegals with anchor babies/children up to age five. (See Colorado Revised Statutes, Applicability section 24-72.1-106 and 42 USC sec 1786.)

Dobbs reported that Colorado has the fastest growing population of illegal aliens in the country, noting that, "In a letter to the editor of The Wall Street Journal this week, Gov. Owens wrote, "Perhaps the most significant transformation of our state's economy, culture and character is the extraordinary growth in the number of illegal aliens."[Transcript]

Owens himself has engineered a massive illegal invasion of Colorado, expressly inviting via his warm welcome and signed endorsement of a Spanish-only How-To-Guide for illegals, the aforementioned statute, and his total failure to act on behalf of Americans in this matter. His "solutions" to the monumental problems he has created include his support for a guest worker program, and last December, the Denver Post revealed his plan:

Owens said choosing reputable corporations such as American Express or First Data [parent company of Western Union] to administer the [guest-worker visa program] would preclude fraud.”

Recently, in a tax-grab (Ref. C), CEO Owens — who likes to say he is the "most fiscally conservative governor in the West" — admitted he had no clue how much illegal aliens cost Colorado taxpayers. As for those of us who, on October 6, 2005, hand-delivered to Owens' office at the State Capitol signed petitions asking him to declare a state of emergency in Colorado in response to the illegal alien crisis, and issue Executive Orders allocating overflow holding areas for criminal aliens (stopping dangerous catch-and-release policies) and ending State and local sanctuary polices....well, we're still waiting for Owens' reply.

In the meantime, Owens is pointing a crooked finger south, saying we just might need a border fence (he guessed on radio that the Mexican-American border measured about 900 miles, and was discreety corrected by the talk show hosts that it is twice that length.) He has said nothing about deporting the hundreds of thousands of illegals his personal efforts have brought here.

Owens, a Texas native and reportedly a long time friend of President Jorge must be recognized for what he is: an open-borders adversary.

That's a wrap, Lou.

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