Diversity-Whipped Navy (A) Rotting (B) Crashing
November 06, 2017, 01:56 PM
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A recent Washington Post story highlights the ongoing investigation of a corrupt Malaysian tycoon alleged to have bribed a lot of white Admirals in the diversity-whipped US Navy.
‘Fat Leonard’ probe expands to ensnare more than 60 admirals, By Craig Whitlock, Washington Post, November 5, 2017

The "Fat Leonard" corruption investigation has expanded to include more than 60 admirals and hundreds of other U.S. Navy officers under scrutiny for their contacts with a defense contractor in Asia who systematically bribed sailors with sex, liquor and other temptations, according to the Navy.

Most of the admirals are suspected of attending extravagant feasts at Asia's best restaurants paid for by Leonard Glenn Francis, a Singapore-based maritime tycoon who made an illicit fortune supplying Navy vessels in ports from Vladivostok, Russia to Brisbane, Australia. Francis also was renowned for hosting alcohol-soaked, after-dinner parties, which often featured imported prostitutes and sometimes lasted for days, according to federal court records.

The 350-pound Francis, also known in Navy circles as "Leonard the Legend" for his wild-side lifestyle, spent decades cultivating relationships with officers, many of whom developed a blind spot to his fraudulent ways. Even while he and his firm were being targeted by Navy criminal investigators, he received VIP invitations to ceremonies in Annapolis and Pearl Harbor, where he hobnobbed with four-star admirals, according to photographs obtained by The Washington Post.

The Justice Department has filed criminal charges against 28 people, including two admirals, since Francis was arrested in an international sting operation four years ago. Those cases comprise the worst corruption scandal in Navy history, but they represent a fraction of a much larger list of Navy officials under investigation but whose names have been mostly kept secret.[More]

Nicholas Stix covered this in 2013:
Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also…A Corrupt U.S. Navy

In what the Washington Post called the biggest bribery case “the Navy has confronted in years,” the skipper of a naval cruiser and a senior logistics officer allegedly gave classified information to a contractor regarding ship movements, in exchange for prostitutes, tickets to Lady Gaga concerts (!!!), and cash. The information, which imperiled national security, was allegedly used by the contractor to defraud the Navy (i.e., the white American net tax base) out of millions of dollars.

The two main defendants:

  • Cmdr. Michael Misiewicz [pictured right] code-name “Brudda, ” Cambodian birth name “Vannak Khem.” He was adopted by Army administrative assistant Maryna Misiewicz and benefitted from a Navy Affirmative Action program, with got a slot that should have gone to a qualified, white American… and (allegedly) paid back his adoptive country by selling it out.
  • Leonard Francis, CEO of Glenn Defense Marine Asia, known widely as “Fat Leonard,” “Lion King” and “Boss,” is a Malaysian national based out of Singapore.
Three others are also charged: senior logistics officer Cmdr. Jose Luis Sanchez; senior Navy investigator, Naval Criminal Investigative Service Supervisory Special Agent John Bertrand Beliveau II, who allegedly funneled inside information about the investigation to Francis; and Francis’ subordinate Alex Wisidagama. [3 arrested in international Navy bribery scheme, AP/Washington Times, September 18, 2013; Third Navy official arrested in bribery probe by Craig Whitlock, Washington Post, November 6.]

No information has been provided about their “diversity” status

The background: it is simply a fact is that the U.S. Navy now systematically discriminates against qualified white Americans in favor of politically protected non-whites.  As Admiral Mike Mullen put it during his tenure as chief of naval operations, “diversity” is a “‘strategic imperative.’”  [The Potemkin Color Guard goes mainstream, CDR Salamander Blog, November 10, 2009.] [More]

The Washington Post story is via Instapundit, who adds "Meanwhile our sailors can’t drive our ships." Well, yes. When we ran the Fat Leonard story in 2013, RightWing Watch wrote VDARE Blames Diversity For Navy Bribery Scandal By Brian Tashman, November 19, 2013, which included the line "Of course, VDARE did not mention the two white admirals implicated in the scandal."

All right, I've mentioned them—and it's a lot more than two.  But remember, here at VDARE.com, we also blame the fact that the sailors can't drive the ships on excess  diversity—see John Derbyshire Asks A Politically Incorrect Question About Our Fender-Bender Navy, and Late Obama Age Collapse at Sea: U.S. Navy Ships That Crashed Had Dismal Training Records