Diversity Visas Hit a New High in Popularity
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An honest environmentalist will tell you that the United States is overpopulated at 310 million, and any additional immigrants welcomed to this country is too many. ZERO is the number for which we should strive.

With the jobs depression showing no sign of abating at all, legal immigration should be severely reduced for the forseeable future. Crazy dumb programs like Diversity Visas (based on a lottery!) should be ended yesterday. Yet the government allows the influx of excess workers to continue on auto-pilot through a variety of legal immigration programs.

The whole idea of the lottery is to increase diversity in the country – as if America is still not diverse enough. Here in Mexifornia, wherehispanics are the majority population in K-12, the process of de-Americanization seems far advanced already.

Green-Card Lottery Record, Wall Street Journal, November 22, 2010

A record 15 million people around the world this year entered America’s green-card lottery, an immigration program that offers a quick path to legal, permanent U.S. residence for 50,000 people a year–selected purely by the luck of the draw.

The so-called ”diversity visa program” lottery drew nearly 25% more entries than last year, according to the State Department. The limit of 50,000 green-card recipients through the program was established years ago by Congress. Some lawmakers are now calling for an end to the program. [. . .]

Rep. Goodlatte of Virginia and others also voice concern that the program is inviting to terrorists, because people don’t need to prove they have ties to the U.S. and are guaranteed permanent residency, which allows them to get almost any job–even handling explosives.

Hesham Mohammed Ali Hedayet, an Egyptian who killed two people at an El Al airline counter in Los Angeles in 2002, was able to remain in the U.S. after overstaying his visitor’s visa because his wife won the green-card lottery.

For another indicator of how America doesn’t need any more immigrants, see CIS’ new report:

Immigration and Economic Stagnation: An Examination of Trends 2000 to 2010

New Census Bureau data collected in March of this year show that 13.1 million immigrants (legal and illegal) arrived in the previous 10 years, even though there was a net decline of a million jobs during the decade. In contrast, during the 1990s there was a net growth of 21 million jobs and 12.1 million new immigrants arrived. Despite fundamentally different economic conditions, the level of immigration was remarkably similar for both 10-year periods.

” The March 2010 data show that 13.1 million immigrants (legal and illegal) have arrived in the United States since January 2000. This is the case despite two significant recessions during the decade and a net loss of a million jobs.

” Data collected in March 2000 show one million fewer immigrants arrived from January 1990 to March 2000 (12.1 million), while 21 million jobs were created during the decade.

” In 2008 and 2009, 2.4 million new immigrants (legal and illegal) settled in the United States, even though 8.2 million jobs were lost over the same period.

” The new data indicate that in the absence of a change in U.S. immigration policy, the level of new immigration can remain high even in the face of massive job losses.

Put another way, nobody in Washington of either party has protected American workers from foreign competition for jobs.
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