Diversity in Australia: Brawling Between Greeks and the Former Yugoslav Republic Known as "Macedonia"
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Formerly known asWhen I first got on the Internet in 1992, the hottest issue seemed to be Greeks versus people aligned with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia screaming at each other at 300 baud per minute over who deserves the name “Macedonia,” a name beatified by Alexander the Great of Macedon conquering a big chunk of the world.

More than a quarter of a century later, that argument is still going on, and it has increasingly moved to meatspace in Australia.

From News.Com.au:

‘It’s disgusting’: Ugly racial tensions flare in Melbourne over Macedonia

A DECADES-LONG conflict has reignited in Melbourne where “racist” signs and flags have been hung from the city’s bridges.

This being 2018, both sides are accusing the other of being Nazis and Racists.

Meanwhile, in Bloomberg, Noah Smith is using the example of Australia to show

A Deeply Flawed Argument Against Immigration

Diversity doesn’t necessarily reduce social cohesion and civic trust.

By Noah Smith, March 1, 2018

… A casual look at international survey measures will show that — as McArdle notes — ethnic homogeneity is no guarantee of a trusting society. Among rich countries, Scandinavia is the most trusting region, but diverse, immigrant-friendly places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore actually score higher than homogeneous, low-immigration countries like South Korea, Russia, Japan and Poland.

What kind of crazy crackpot reasons do South Korea, Russia, Japan, and Poland have for not being trusting of the goodness of humanity? What’s the worst that’s ever happened to South Korea, Russia, Japan and Poland?

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