Diversitizing Leyendecker?
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Here’s another Retconned Rockwell, of which Hernan Cortes aptly notes: “Reimagined Norman Rockwells are unintentionally hilarious. Frankenstein’s monster of kitsch and sanctimony:”

Culturally appropriating old Rockwells in the name of Diversity is obviously tasteless and lowbrow, but it’s Big in 2018.

So far, I haven’t seen any recasting of pictures by Rockwell’s predecessor as top American magazine illustrator, the astonishing and super gay J.C. Leyendecker:

Until recently, trends involving art started among urbane sophisticates who get the joke, the kind who are more into Leyendecker than Rockwell, and only slowly worked their ways down to the Norman Rockwell-loving masses.

But these days, the New York media appear to be getting led around by the nose on Twitter by community college grievance study majors and Harry Potter fans who think the only things wrong with Rockwell’s pictures are not enough representation of People of Color and transgenders and Rockwell’s problematic painting of non-vegan food for Thanksgiving dinner.

Wokeness is a notably lower IQ movement relative to, say, 1960s leftist movements.

For example, using the term “microaggression” is a stupid person’s idea of how to sound smart.

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