Dissolving National Sovereignty
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Fred Elbel writes:

Those who study United States history understand the principles upon which our nation was founded and the ideals for which we fought over the last two centuries. Many immigration reformists expect our elected officials to defer to our history and embrace the ideals that we see as fundamental to our nation. Yet our history is now presented in our schools through the sanitized filter of political correctness and our ideals have become nearly lost in an amalgamation of values resulting from a deliberately-constructed multicultural society.

There is a substantial flaw in reformists' demands that "President Bush must seal the border and enforce our immigration laws." Quite simply, President Bush and his fellow Neocons have every intention of NOT securing our borders and strengthening our national bonds. Actions speak for themselves. In 2005, Bush signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America with the clearly-stated goal of eradicating our borders by 2010. We're well on our way to planned assimilation into the North American Union. Bush to People: resistance is futile. (See Borderless Continent, at the American Resistance Foundation page.).

Mass immigration is but one way to destroy a nation. The immigration reform movement will not succeed under the assumption that elites really want to secure our borders if only they could. We are dealing with a multi-faceted problem; mass immigration is now the most clearly visible aspect. That should be a warning to those who are perceptive enough to look deeper.

Why do those in power wish to dissolve our national sovereignty? A large part of the answer is simply power and money. And then what? It remains to be seen whether the sovereign People of America will act to curtail these insurgent actions by their elected public servants.

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