Displacing American Professionals—Why The H-1B Quota Gets Used Up In One Day
April 21, 2008, 06:50 PM
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This year`s H-1B quota got used up in one day and employers are engaged in the usual whining that they cannot find people and that the lack of H-1B visas will prevent them from growing their business.

Today`s whiner is Development Design Group [Email them] in Baltimore. The Washington Post has an article that features the company`s difficulty finding workers. [For Visas, The Demand Outstrips The Supply, By Pamela Constable, April 21, 2008]

The CEO of the company, Roy Higgs, is quoted as saying "Some people think this is just about bringing in cheap labor, but it`s not. We offer the same salaries and perks whether you`re from Baltimore or Bangladesh . . . but we simply cannot find enough qualified U.S.-born staff to fuel our growth."


Let`s take a little trip to the H-1B disclosure data at www.flcdatacenter.com and look them up

There are 18 H-1B architects working for Development Design Group, and their salaries range from a low of $34,00 to a high of $60, 000, and the average wage Development Design Group has promised to pay H-1B architects is $44,588.24.

Now go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, where one finds that the mean wage for an architect in Baltimore is $69,210.

We have just explained:

1. Why Development Design Group has such "difficulty" finding people in the U.S.

2. Why the H-1B quota gets used up on one day