Displacing American Professionals—Why The H-1B Quota Gets Used Up In One Day
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This year's H-1B quota got used up in one day and employers are engaged in the usual whining that they cannot find people and that the lack of H-1B visas will prevent them from growing their business.

Today's whiner is Development Design Group [Email them] in Baltimore. The Washington Post has an article that features the company's difficulty finding workers. [For Visas, The Demand Outstrips The Supply, By Pamela Constable, April 21, 2008]

The CEO of the company, Roy Higgs, is quoted as saying "Some people think this is just about bringing in cheap labor, but it's not. We offer the same salaries and perks whether you're from Baltimore or Bangladesh . . . but we simply cannot find enough qualified U.S.-born staff to fuel our growth."


Let's take a little trip to the H-1B disclosure data at www.flcdatacenter.com and look them up

There are 18 H-1B architects working for Development Design Group, and their salaries range from a low of $34,00 to a high of $60, 000, and the average wage Development Design Group has promised to pay H-1B architects is $44,588.24.

Now go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, where one finds that the mean wage for an architect in Baltimore is $69,210.

We have just explained:

1. Why Development Design Group has such "difficulty" finding people in the U.S.

2. Why the H-1B quota gets used up on one day

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