“Disgusting, Rat and Rodent Infested Mess”: President Trump Scratches the Surface About the Truth of 70% Black Baltimore
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President Trump has just Tweeted out a message noting Baltimore is a “disgusting… rodent infested mess.”

Is he right? Does the evidence of what the individual citizens in Baltimore collectively create indict the city?

Let’s just stick with homicide as the methodology behind determine whether or not President Trump’s Tweet was erroneous, and instead 70% black Baltimore is a real-world Wakanda.


Since 2007 in 70 percent black Baltimore, there have been 3345 homicides. Of those, 2,940 have been black, or 88 percent. The bulk of homicides in the city are black on black, though as The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore documents, there is a shocking amount of black on white violence in Baltimore.

As documented more than five years ago, from 1882-1968, 4,743 lynchings occurred in the USA. Of those lynched, 3,446 were black, accounting for 72.7% of the people lynched. Over those 86 years during which 4,743 people were lynched, 1,297 were white (or 27.3%).

Think about those numbers for a second. In less than 15 years, blacks in Baltimore have murdered close to 3,000 other black people (the bulk of homicides in Baltimore, as in all of the USA, are intra-racial).

The city has a homicide rate of 55.5 per 100,000, meaning the individual citizens in 70 percent black Baltimore create a community more dangerous than Guatemala, Guatemala.

Baltimore is a third world city, because it has a third world population, which is the primary reason the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is on the verge of folding: As the civilization whites created in Baltimore regresses to the African mean, what’s left of western civilization fades away.

So in closing, in 86 years, 3,446 blacks were lynched in the United States of America. Contrary to the propaganda you’ve been fed consistently since birth, the vast majority of these lynchings were not performed by frothing at the mouth white supremacists (just as those 1,297 whites who were lynched over the same time period were primarily criminals who preyed upon the decent, law-abiding citizens), but by individuals administering quick, swift justice to deter others from engaging in criminality.

Meanwhile, in less than 13 years in 70 percent black Baltimore, blacks have murdered nearly 3,000 other black people in the crumbling ruins of a city white people long ago built, only to abandon when black crime became an intolerable proposition when considering the raising of white children.

President Trump is right about Baltimore, in ways far, far beyond his superficial Tweet could ever dare reach.

In less than 13 Years, Blacks in 70% Black Baltimore Have Murdered Close to 3,000 Other Blacks.

Is there one city in the rest of the United States of America where whites have murdered that many other white people over the past 100 years?

Serious question.

Inadvertently, President Trump has once again kicked the door concealing racial truths long ago discarded within boxes never again to see the light of day. The problem is, as Horace long ago observed, nature has a funny way of always coming back regardless of how many times you try and get rid of her.

You can’t keep the door locked forever.

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