Disgruntled Minority Massacre: Milwaukee Mass Murder Turns Out to be Another Omar Thornton Case
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National media interest in the murder of five workers at the Molson Coors (formerly Miller) brewery in Milwaukee has plummeted since the murderer was identified as a black man complaining about racism. But at least USA Today reprinted this story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

‘I didn’t really believe it at first’: How the Molson Coors shooting in Milwaukee unfolded
Mark Johnson
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

… Several floors below, a dispute between Anthony Ferrill, 51, an electrician, and some of his co-workers, had exploded.

Ferrill worked in the utilities department in the building. He had worked at the brewery for about 17 years.

Ferrill was African American and accused the brewery of discriminating against him. Ferrill complained that employees came into his home, bugging his computer and moving chairs around.

In other words, he was paranoid: Accusations of “moving chairs around” is a typical tell of paranoia.

Police declined to comment on a possible motive for one of the deadliest shootings in Wisconsin history.

Ferrill, a self-described gun collector, brought two handguns to work, one with a silencer.

All but one of the men he confronted had been with the company six years or more. They all knew each other.

So he shot four white men and a Latino, much like Omar Thornton, a liquor distributor worker in Connecticut who in 2010 murdered 8 white coworkers, accusing them of racism.

How many murders per year in the U.S. are due to unbalanced blacks angry over what they perceive as racism? How much does the daily media diet of denunciations of whiteness contribute to whatever the level is of anti-white violence?

Nobody seems to want to know the answer to either question, so even a spectacular case like this gets memoryholed fast.

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