Did Jewish GOP Donors Buy Romney's Immigration Wimp-Out?
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M Brooks

RJC's Matt Brooks - Calling the tune?

Back in June in I asked Has Romney Sold Immigration Policy To Sheldon Adelson? Subsequently I took note of a Politico article which directly attributed Romney’s Chick-fil-A wimp out to the influence of a group of pro-gay Jewish donors.

Now corroboration of my fears on immigration policy has appeared: On the morning after, Jewish Republicans advise the party By Ron Kampeas JTA.org November 12, 2012

WASHINGTON (JTA) – Think immigration through — again. Forget about gay marriage…

The Republican Party as a whole is having the morning-afters…“There will be a lot of very frank conversations between our organization and its leadership and the leadership within the party,” Matt Brooks, the director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, said last week in a conference call…

 A number of Romney’s financial backers — including Fred Zeidman of Texas, Mel Sembler of Florida and Sheldon Adelson — are among the RJC’s leadership, and Brooks made clear that their voices would be heard.

Fred Zeidman is quoted:

Zeidman, the fundraiser, said Jewish Republicans had a special role in making the case for immigration reform.

"The rest of the party has to understand what we as Jews have always understood — that this is a nation of immigrants and to ignore them is to end up losing," he said.

It passes belief that Zeidman did not convey this article of faith to the Romney campaign, along with his money. And that the loot-crazed Romney campaign consultants would ignore either!

The JTA article did find one sensible man:

"There's no point in two Democratic parties," said Jeff Ballabon, a Republican activist from New York. "Any such victory would be pyrrhic."

It seems clear to me that this was the force which also caused Romney’s Israel grovel, repelling the Paul vote and alarming at least some blue collar white women.

Patriots must now consider what role it also played in the 112th Congress fiasco - and Speaker Boehner’s rush to capitulate now.

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