Did Cynthia Tucker Deserve Her Pulitzer?
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Last year Ms. Tucker, a columnist and editorial board member at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, received the prestigious journalism award in the "commentary" category.  The Pulitzer folks said she earned it

for her courageous, clear-headed (emphasis added) columns that evince a strong sense of morality and persuasive knowledge of the community.


Fast-forward to her Jan. 13, 2008, column, in which Tucker (e-mail) calls for a national uprising against the idea of a Voter ID because (Oh, my God!) it's nothing more than a clever Republican scheme aimed at stopping America's poor from voting for Democrats,  "Voter ID law an ugly effort to subvert ballot," Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Political activists from across the ethnic spectrum should convene the biggest political demonstration since the historic March on Washington in 1963.Where is Al Sharpton when a genuinely critical issue comes along? Where's Jesse Jackson?

This is "clear-headed" writing that reflects a "persuasive knowledge of the community"?

Black Americans—and the rest of us who are serious students of the Al and Jesse Show—know full well that these two "TV moths" have about as much concern for "genuinely critical issues" as I do about whether Dr. Phil crossed the line when spoke to the media after his visit with the troubled Britney Spears.

Otherwise, don't you think both would have spoken out years ago about an immigration policy that is sticking it sideways to our poor?

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