Diana West on Brimelow on 1965 Immigration Act
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Diana West, in a powerful Washington Times column this morning ("Mexico North", March 31 2006), sketches the utter and amazing transformation that has come over Los Angeles since she was a litle girl there, just in the 1960s. I am naturally disposed to approve of this column because of her kind reference to Alien Nation. But what really impresses me is that this reference is in the context of the decisive and disastrous role of the 1965 Immigration Act, the point at which the U.S. government began to abolish the American people and elect another. Needless to say, this insight is wholly absent from the typically disingenuous propaganda piece appearing in the allegedly anti-statist Wall Street Journal, also today.

The very real illegal immigration crisis is what has gotten the immigration debate moving again. But it's good to remember that legal immigration policy is the ultimate problem.

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