Destructure’sTrayvon Martin FAQ
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Trayvon Martin FAQ March 20, 2012



Trayvon Martin: Did he have a license to kill?


George Zimmerman: Did he have a duty to die?


Editorial Note: I’ve continued to update this page as I’ve encountered new information. Major modifications are noted. Minor modifications are not.

GZ = George Zimmerman TM = Trayvon Martin

Did GZ ignore the dispatcher’s instructions? Some claim the 911 dispatcher ordered GZ not to follow TM. But that’s not true. During GZ’s 911 call, the dispatcher asked him if he was following TM. When GZ said he was the dispatcher replied, “We don’t need you to do that.” According to Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, “The call taker’s suggestion is not a lawful order that Mr. Zimmerman would be required to follow.” Regardless, the evidence suggests GZ took the dispatcher’s suggestion. See my post, “What if Zimmerman didn’t ignore 911?“

How did their exchange begin? Some claim GZ is wrong because he approached TM. But there is no evidence GZ approached TM or behaved inappropriately. A lawyer for Martin’s family, Attorney Benjamin Crump, told ABC News that TM’s girlfriend overheard the start of their exchange. According to Crump, the girlfriend heard TM ask, “What are you following me for?” To which GZ responds, “What are you doing around here?” But that’s all she claims to have heard of the exchange.

Who was screaming?

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