DeSantis Book Hits LEGAL Immigration As Well As Illegal—Knows Legal Immigration Hurts Working-Class Americans
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When I read the New York Times’s attack on Ron DeSantis’s new book The Courage To Be Free, it didn’t attack him on immigration at all. You’d think he hadn’t mentioned it.

But a CTRL-F on MIGR inside the Kindle book gives us this, emphases added:

Our nation needs immigration policies that recognize and enforce the country’s sovereignty, not just by having a wall at the southern border but also by quickly repatriating those in the country illegally. An erroneous claim of asylum should not give a foreign national a ticket to settle in the interior of our country.

Nor should the legal immigration system have policies such as the diversity lottery and chain migration; instead, the immigration system should be merit-based; favor assimilation, not mass migration; and be geared toward benefiting the wages of working-class Americans.

Before DeSantis was Governor of Florida, he was in Congress at the time of the Gang of Eight attempted Amnesty, and fought against it. He says:

DC Republicans also supported major expansions of immigration to serve corporate interests, particularly in ways that would facilitate more cheap labor. The effect that such policies might have on the wages of American workers did not seem to be of much concern—a classic example of Beltway Republicans putting Americans last.

The perceived political incentive for amnesty combined with the corporate desire for cheap labor led to the so called Gang of Eight immigration bill—which represented the largest amnesty in American history and green-lighted a massive expansion of future immigration.

As we’ve said before, understanding the threat of LEGAL immigration will be vital to an GOP Presidential contender who wants either nomination or victory in 2024.

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