Derb On The Civil War—A Lifetime's Study
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In a post a couple of hours ago, in regard to the Civil War, I asked rhetorically:
Do you have any idea how many books have been written about every single battle?
51zRh+chwCL[1]Peter Brimelow reminds me that I gave the actual numbers for at least one battle when reviewing Prof. Guelzo’s anniversary book on Gettysburg:
Allen Guelzo, in this book’s Acknowledgments, tells us that the 2004 edition of a standard bibliography lists 6,193 “books, articles, chapters, and pamphlets on the battle,” along with a 128-page magazine, published twice yearly since 1989, entirely given over to Gettysburg scholarship.  [Field of Dreams, American Spectator, July/August 2013.]
And that’s just one battle, although admittedly a big one.  The Civil War is a lifetime’s study.


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