Derb Doesn't Think Much Of Jeb Bush—But Here's A Guy Who REALLY Doesn't Think Much Of Him!
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Apparently I didn't know the half of it.  This guy has the full goods.

Did Jeb Bush make a pact with Satan in order to rule the New World Order? The world is rushing fast toward total economic collapse which will result in the planet being ruled by a single government. At the head of this government will be the Antichrist. Mass genocide will be his first project, ridding the earth of its surplus population. Those who survive will serve their wealthy masters and be forced to maintain the world’s infrastructure. The world of the Apocalypse will be a grim place in which to live. And there are photographs that document this. Yes, pictures taken by quantum photography which show images from future events. In addition, there exists a photo of a youthful Jeb Bush in secret conference with a demonic being which may be either Satan himself or one of his messengers. This is a book which covers the first days of the Apocalypse and the events which brought to power the New World Order under the leadership of Jeb Bush. And it is complete with photos!

Pending the Apocalypse, I'd sure like to get my hands on some quantum photography gear, what with the Kentucky Derby coming up and all. 


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