Deportation Follies
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It has been big news over the last couple days that ICE has sent arrest teams to round up criminal aliens throughout the country.

But here is all you need to know about how well the government protects us from the truly dangerous foreigners in our communities...

Thirty-six illegal immigrants who served time in Southern California for child sex offenses and were later released instead of being deported were among more than 2,100 illegal immigrants arrested in a nationwide sweep, officials said Wednesday. [Immigrant Sweep Snares 36 Molesters, LA Times, 6/15/06]

That's right, dozens of child molesters were set free here to attack more children, rather then returned to their native country.

Furthermore, if these criminals had been properly deported at the time of their release from jail, then they wouldn't need to be rounded up now to be shipped home. How hard can it be to organize deportation from jails, where a prisoner's date of release is known far in advance?

While ICE is trumpeting its "crackdown" of deporting 2100 criminal foreigners, the total number of fugitive aliens still at large is half a million. So the current wave of arrests is a dog and pony show, nothing more, and has hardly made a dent in the huge population of murderers, child rapists and gang-bangers.

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