Citizens Reject Enforced Kumbaya
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The unhappy recent events in Hamilton, Ohio, are an example of what happens with too much illegal immigration and too little leadership and law enforcement. On June 19, a nine-year-old American girl was raped by a Mexican man who lived with six other hispanic males in the house where the girl was raped.

The community was understandably upset, and the flophouse where the crime was committed was set on fire June 21, described as "vigilante justice." From the beginning, official reaction has seemed upside down.

"They bring in 20 or 30 ATF agents and go door to door and try to find an arsonist. But then when a child gets raped, you've got three or four officers and nobody's going door to door," said Tim Carew, a neighbor ["Officials Search For Arsonist, Rape Suspect"].

Even more bizarre, a report dated June 22 said "Police said they know who they are looking for, but they won't release his name or a sketch because of fear of retaliation, WLWT reported." However, the police identified him the next day as being Alfredo Lopez Cruz, and provided a photo and description. Perhaps keeping the name of a fugitive rapist secret didn't seem wise public relations. Or good police work.

When some do-gooders organized a "peace" march June 24, it was jeered by townspeople who felt the rape of a child was being overlooked in the insistence on smiley-face diversity. The victim's father agreed:

"What about my daughter? I mean, she's afraid to come home because that's how scared she is, but I don't see no one marching for her."

The press has been full of boilerplate backlash stories about hispanics as victims. On July 17, there was a widely run AP story stressing the need for "dialogue" and "healing the community," with just a passing mention of the crime and nothing about the name of the rapist or propects for catching him. Evidently the rape of a nine-year-old girl was thought too much of a downer, given the agenda of "healing."

In fact, Alfredo Lopez Cruz remains at large, and police say "leads are drying up."

It's likely the citizens of Hamilton would feel more tranquil if the government were protecting them in the basic ways it is supposed to. As the left loves to say, "No justice, no peace."

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