Deportation Figures: Didn't Wait For The Press Release
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The New York Times has a story on an announcement from Janet Napolitano that deportations are up.
Deportations From U.S. Hit a Record High,

By Julia Preston, October 6, 2010 Immigration authorities deported a record 392,862 immigrants over the last year, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday.

About half of those deported – 195,772 – were convicted criminals, also a record, Ms. Napolitano said, and an increase of more than 81,000 deportations of criminals over the final year of George W. Bush’s presidency. [More]

Of course, the New York Times only covers this when either the Government makes an announcement, or a Treason Lobby group complains. Here at we watch this all the time, with Ed Rubenstein analyzing the figures—see National Data: Deportations Decreasing, NOT Increasing, Under Obama, August 9, 2010.

FAIR and NumbersUSA are protesting the report, partly because of the emphasis on the "criminals" being deported, whereas many, many, illegals are remaining in place stealing jobs and tax dollars.

Ed Rubenstein wrote in August that

"Reality check: most of the rise in criminal deportations is attributable to the ”Secure Communities” program, a Bush initiative inherited by Mr. Obama. While ICE takes full credit for expanding the program, the real impetus comes from state and local governments. They are sick and tired of footing the bill for holding illegal aliens in their lock ups.

But ”Non-criminal” deportations fell to 142,100 in the first nine months of FY2010, from 188,000 in the same period last year–a 24% decline. This category includes illegals busted in workplace raids or identified by those employer audits that ICE claims are a more effective way to enforce immigration laws in the workplace.

Even in the Great Depression, there are far more illegal aliens working than in jail in the U.S. It is scandalous that their deportations are declining while American unemployment remains at such historic highs."

Speaking of "historic highs," one reason this administration has deported more people in absolute numbers is that there is a larger population than ever before:307,006,550 estimated in the US, and a large illegal alien populations than ever before. 12 million? 20 million? Who knows for sure? But if it's 20 million, the Obama administration has deported less than 2 percent of them, and they don't even want to deport the rest.
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