Absconders from Deportation Orders surge on Obama's Watch
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The outrageously dishonest DHS spin on the deportation statistics James Fulford attacked yesterday also provoked an incisive analysis from our friend Federale: Obama Regime Fails To Meet Goal

…despite the fact that ICE's budget has increased dramatically...they were only able to increase deportations from the last Fiscal Year of the Bush Administration, 2009, by 3,862 illegal aliens.

Observing, along with Ed Rubenstein

The real reason that there was an increase in deportations was the Secure Communities program that was instituted under the Bush Administration and resisted by the Obama Regime.

Federale adds an important point: in one year of the Obama administration, the number of ”fugitive aliens” — people who are evading a court-issued deportation order — has leapt 28.1% or 157,000 to 715,000.

This is drawn from Failure to enforce deportations an affront to immigration legacy By Mark H. Metcalfe Atlanta Journal-Constitution Monday September 27, 2010

Metcalfe asserts this happens

because DHS declines to enforce valid removal orders, discourages routine police reports and dismisses cases it was prosecuting…. Justice Department records reveal misrepresentation …In 2009, these officials claimed only 11 percent of aliens dodged court. In fact, 32 percent of aliens disappeared before trial. Since 1996, the lowest number of those who skipped court was 30 percent.

Somehow VDARE.com doubts that the number of ”absconders” from deportation orders will become as popular a metric with the MSM as deportations (no doubt temporarily) are.

As so often, great work, Federale

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