Deportation: As Easy As One, Two, Three
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One thing for certain emerged from the recent circus surrounding illegal alien Elvira Arellano—deporting aliens is as easy as one, two, three.

The next time you hear George W. Bush or Michael Chertoff say how impossible immigration enforcement is, remember this simple formula: one, go to where you know aliens are; two, arrest them; three, deport them.

Don’t bother asking where aliens hang out. The better question is where aren’t they hanging out.

Go to a bus stop, a taco truck, a convenience store, the post office or an auto repair shop. No need to round them all up at once. Just arrest one or two every day at different locations around town and the message will soon get out.

Little by little, the word will be on the streets both here and in Mexico that the U.S. is seriously cracking down on illegal immigration.

What would also help is if aliens were sent further away than Tijuana which is, after all, within walking distance of San Diego.

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