Democrats' Ferguson Campaign Stunt Unraveling
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With a few days left before the election, one of the Democrats’ chief campaign stunts continues to unravel. Here are the headlines on the front page of the Washington Post:

Ferguson officer unlikely to face civil-rights case

Sari Horwitz and Kimberly Kindy 1:56 PM ET

Law enforcement officials say Justice Department investigators have all but concluded that they don’t have a strong enough case against Darren Wilson.

Ferguson chief criticizes Holder

But will they pay any price?

And here’s the NYT’s veteran police beat reporter Dan Barry (he gets sent to cover stuff like the parole hearings for Kitty Genovese’s murderer Winston Moseley) gently preparing NYT readers for the realization that all that rage they’ve been feeling since August wasn’t, as people used to say, “reality-based.”

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