Democrats Fear America’s Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General Because Immigration
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Did the Democrats learn anything remotely realistic from the whipping they got November 8 and over the Obama regime generally? Under the cool hipster president, Dem influence continued falling to historic lows, particularly at the state level, where they lost over 900 legislative seats over four years. Meanwhile, Hillary ran an inept campaign and didn’t even visit Wisconsin, arrogantly believing the state was in the bag, but Democrats blame everyone but the top perp for the White House loss.

Indeed, Democrats may see the 2016 failure as a reinforcement of their idea that the traditional population must be replaced by immigrants who are culturally attached to big government. So tough immigration enforcers running the government is exactly what Democrats don’t want, because law and borders mess up the Democrats’ Final Solution to the American problem.

Tucker Carlson discussed the upcoming Jeff Sessions nomination as being opposed because of his strong enforcement position on immigration, though that reason will not be discussed much in the hearing, Carlson thinks.

TUCKER CARLSON: This is really about Jeff Sessions, make no mistake at all: it’s about the Attorney General which is the most significant appointment the new president will make for a bunch of different reasons, and Jeff Sessions, of course, has been vetted; he’s been in the Senate a long time, he’s been in public life for more than 30 years, the FBI has vetted him, so there’s no question about his bona fides, there’s no question that he’s not some secret Russian agent.

They just don’t like his views and they especially don’t like his views on immigration, but they’re not going to attack on immigration because his views are actually pretty close to where the public is on immigration: secure the borders, don’t undercut American labor with low-wage immigrants etc. I mean people agree with him, so they’re going to attack him as they always do — wait for it — as a racist and that’s what they’re doing now but there’s no evidence of that at all, and it’s a slur and it lowers the tone dramatically, it’s bad for the country but that’s all they’ve got, so that’s what you’re going to hear.

STEVE DUCEY: Of course the Democrats are bringing up some what that has been depicted as a joke like 30 years ago that he made as as an example that he’s racist, but here’s the thing, Tucker, because the Democrats changed the rules a number of years ago, all these guys are gonna get through and the Democrats have only themselves to blame. . .

CARLSON: (2:45) What bothers me about this is I think the country could use a debate on immigration and trade, and those are the two issues that people are actually upset about but again, we’re not getting that. Instead you’re going to hear all kinds of implications about the character of these people — let’s debate the issues. These are real issues and I think all of us would benefit from from an adult conversation about them but we’re not going to get it.

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