Democratic Global Presidential Primary Results
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In a recent article I discussed the Democratic Party’s Global Presidential Primary, which was held from Feb. 5th- 12th.

This primary was designed to elect delegates to represent Democrats living abroad at the Democratic Party Convention. At the time of writing, the results had not yet been announced. But now they have .

In the Global Presidential Primary, Obama won 3 delegate votes (6 delegates) and Hillary won 1.5 delegate votes (3 delegates). As you can see, that means there are 2 delegates per vote.

Breaking that down further by regional caucuses, in the Americas Regional Caucus (Western Hemisphere) Obama and Hillary each picked up one delegate. In the Asia-Pacific Regional Caucus, Obama earned one delegate. In the Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Caucus, Obama won 4 and Hillary won 2.

That accounts for 4.5 delegate votes (9 delegates). In April there’s a Democrats Abroad Global Convention scheduled, where they plan to assign 2.5 more votes. Plus, there are 4 superdelegate votes held by Democrats Abroad.

That makes up a total of 11 votes, and 22 delegates.

For the General Election, however, Democrat voters abroad have to request absentee ballots in the normal manner, that is, through local voting officials in their home states.

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