Democratic Coalition Self-destructing, Republican Brain Trust Rides to Democrats' Rescue
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As I wrote in Taki’s a week ago in “Clusterfake,” even before the black civil rights protester assassinated Officers Liu and Ramos in New York City:
The crack-up accelerated this fall with some undocumented shopping in memory of the late Michael Brown. Chaos in Democrat-run cities like St. Louis and Oakland does little to burnish the Democratic brand with voters. In Pat Buchanan’s recent memoir The Greatest Comeback, he recounts how at the Democratic Convention in August 1968 he and Norman Mailer stood together watching the liberal ruling party destroy itself as hippies battled Mayor Daley’s cops in the streets of Chicago. As part of the 1964 Democratic ticket, Hubert Humphrey had won 61.1 percent of the vote. In 1968, he earned only 42.7 percent.
You’ll recall that when Republicans were perceived to have a political problem after the 2012 election due to the growth of the Hispanic vote, Democrats such as Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama offered collegial, sincere, deeply compassionate advice to Republicans: “Give illegal aliens the vote: you’ll fall further behind on each one, but you’ll make up for it on volume!”

So now that the Obama coalition is splintering, the Republican Brain Trust is attempting to garner Strange, New Respect from the New York Times by helping heal wounds among the Democrats. From the NYT:

Law and Order Issues, Once G.O.P.’s Strong Suit, Now Divide Party


DEC. 24, 2014

WASHINGTON — Since the Watts riots in Los Angeles in 1965, generations of Republicans from Richard M. Nixon to the first George Bush have deftly capitalized on the anxiety of white voters over crime and urban unrest, winning elections with appeals for law and order and unbending support of the police.

But in recent years, with crime plummeting and the party struggling among minority voters, some Republicans have turned away from the tough talk and embraced efforts to reduce the number of black men in prison and overhaul the criminal justice system.

Now the violence and protests after two grand juries declined to prosecute white police officers who killed black men, as well as the killings of two New York City police officers, have angered some of the party’s most ardent defenders of the police. Republicans find themselves debating how to maintain their traditional embrace of law enforcement while not alienating minority voters or ignoring systemic criminal justice issues.

So, who should the Republicans be listening to at the moment: the hard men of the Tri-State Republican Party, Rudy Giuliani and Peter King, who have had decades of experience and success battling Rev. Al? Or naive Flyover idealists like Rand Paul and various Beltway intellectuals? The New York Times has an opinion on what would be good for the Republicans.
The divisions have spilled out on television in recent days. Former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York declared on Fox News that the protests were leading to violence and that “all lead to a conclusion: The police are bad, the police are racist. That is completely wrong.”

Representative Peter T. King of New York said his fellow Republicans cannot be timid about criticizing activists like the Rev. Al Sharpton, who Mr. King said used racially charged terms to portray the killings of African-Americans by the police in Ferguson, Mo., and on Staten Island.

“I just think if anything, Republicans somehow get scared off of the issue if race comes up and they somehow back away, and that allows people who want to make it a racial issue to be heard,” Mr. King said in a telephone interview.

The President of the United States has gone out of his way to tie the prestige of his office to Reverend Al’s various racist hoaxes and fiascos. Should that not bring comment?
What makes this moment more complex for Republicans, however, is that Mr. Sharpton is not the only one who has criticized police mistreatment of minorities and the broader justice system: Leading Republicans, including Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, governors and Christian conservatives, have been rethinking issues ranging from the militarization of the police to sentencing guidelines.

Newt Gingrich …

You can always count on Newt for the sound response.
… After years of instinctively siding with the police — with Ronald Reagan railing against “arson and murder in Watts” in his 1966 campaign for governor and Mr. Bush using Willie Horton’s furlough to defeat Michael S. Dukakis — Republicans are now more divided when it comes to crime and law enforcement.
Obviously, Ronald Reagan “railing against ‘arson and murder in Watts’” doomed his political career, which is why he kept losing to Democrats who didn’t object to arson and murder. Same with George Bush’s loss to Dukakis in 1988: the Democrats mobilized the vast pro-rape constituency and rode it to the White House.
Few prominent figures sided with the authorities in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, for example, and Mr. Paul notably spoke out about the treatment of young blacks by the police.
Why in the world doesn’t the RNC maintain a discreet office of investigators to check into some of these media confabulations that the Democrats try to ride? The Obama White House carefully coordinates with the national media to promote things like Rape Culture hysteria in order to produce useful media firestorms like the UVA Night of Broken Glass. Where’s the Republican counter to this? Self organizing volunteer crowdsourcing has done a lot to expose Democrats’ frauds, but the Republicans paying for some quiet shoe-leather investigations would help a lot.
Conservatives beyond Mr. Paul were disturbed by the military-style tactics and equipment of the Ferguson police during the protests in the weeks after Mr. Brown’s death.
De-militarization was tested by the Democrats running things in Missouri and it already flopped back in August.
… The conservative brain, particularly among Republican elites, may find itself in conflict with the conservative gut, at least that of the party rank and file.
The Conservative Brain Trust …
“This is an obviously deranged guy who shot his girlfriend and then shot the cops,” said David Boaz, the executive vice president of the libertarian Cato Institute, arguing that conservatives who blame protesters for the killings are akin to those who blame right-wing radio for the shooting of the former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.
Classic Megaphone tactic for implanting false memories — remind the audience of something spewed by the Megaphone for a few days that turned out to be completely false, but treat it as if it were true, or at least debatable.
… Strong support on the right for the police has continued even after the deaths in Ferguson and on Staten Island: A Gallup poll this month showed that 66 percent of Republicans rated the honesty and ethical standards of the police as “very high” or “high” while only 36 percent of Democrats said the same.

Already, some hard-line Republicans are seizing the moment and attacking Mr. Paul, who was been the most outspoken in his party about the need for racial outreach and changes to policing and sentencing, and even met with Mr. Sharpton last month.

You’d have to be an angry, stupid hardliner to attack the Obama-Sharpton axis right now. No Strange, New Respect for you!

In summary, the White House, the Democrats, and the national media have been promoting blood libels this year to angry up their black, feminist, and not quite in the right head constituencies. Traditionally, blood libels lead to arson and looting of shops, nights of broken glass, and murders. Not surprisingly, that’s what has ensued in Obama’s America in 2014.

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