Defense Department Supporting The DREAM Act As Route To Foreign Legions
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DoD has fallen in with the amnesty crowd, see the following excerpt from today's (19 Sept) Washington Times editorial on the DREAM Act [No DREAM at all ] DoD now seeks to undermine and render citizenship meaningless by importing the third world.

The Bush administration has not taken an official position, but Defense Department officials are quietly urging members to support the bill. Meanwhile, Homeland Security officials, alarmed by the prospect of massive fraud resulting from Mr. Durbin's proposal, have been opposing it. This is a clear cut issue: The DREAM Act is a nightmare.

Reportedly the wisemen who dreamed this up see it as way to increase recruiting, IE, build a mercenary force with no ties to the heart of the nation, or true loyalty to its institutions. This is dangerously delusional. A mercenary force and the devaluation of citizenship were factors in ending the Roman Republic , and later Rome itself.

As the DoD leadership showed in Iraq , they are completely ignorant of other countries and cultures, and I dare say, of their own. A lot of these illegals are completely illiterate and the Indians don't even speak Spanish. They also come from countries where the military has been an instrument of oppression. But to the ”business model” fanatics, a nation’s culture is meaningless, an impediment to the bottom line. To the DoD, and Rumsfeld par excellence, we are all interchangeable parts. To paraphrase ”They learn nothing, and forget everything."

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