New Sanctuary Movement For United Church Of Christ...Not In Simi Valley!!
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Some church in Simi Valley, California is "hiding" an illegal immigrant and her child from immigration authorities who want to deport her—no, I'm not talking about my favorite fugitive Elvira Arellano but yet another (of what I assume must be thousands) mouthy lawbreaker!

Following a recent protest which required (expensive) additional law enforcement support, the mayor of Simi Valley, Paul Miller, decided to charge the responsible party for all costs incurred. Yeah, the church!! The United Church of Christ is currently home for "Liliana" as part of the church's "New Sanctuary Movement."

The "New Sanctuary Movement." is an official program/policy for all United Church of Christ facilities—and they just got a $40,000 bill from the city! I think it's brilliant, just brilliant!

Mayor Miller made his intentions very clear and very simple: "This city is not going to be known as sanctuary city."

For more info click here.

To tell Mayor Miller how awesome he is or to encourage the rest of his City Council to support his position, click here.

Hmm...if you want to tell the church to KNOCK IT OFF this is their email.

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