Deep State Saboteurs In DHS And DOJ Waging War On Immigration Enforcement
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Either the Trump Administration is schizophrenic or more Deep State operatives in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Justice (DOJ) are waging a war on immigration enforcement. In a series of cases, some illegal aliens get arrested and deported, but others are able to pull strings and get released into the United States. Why doesn't DHS and DOJ, specifically the Executive Office For Immigration Review (EOIR), have a unified arrest, detention, and deportation policy? It appears that some are following the law, others are waging their own administrative amnesty for a chosen few illegal aliens. Saboteurs in DHS and the EOIR are ignoring deportation orders and reopening or releasing illegal aliens who should be immediately deported.

First, the unlucky few. Take the "soccer" star and his brother who were deported:

Two brothers from Gaithersburg were deported to their native El Salvador on Wednesday in what their attorney says was the fastest deportation process he has ever seen.

Lizandro Claros Saravia, 19, is a standout soccer player who had secured a scholarship to play college soccer in North Carolina. His brother, Diego, 22, took extra classes to graduate from Quince Orchard High School on time and “has a heart of gold,” a former teacher said.

They entered the country illegally in 2009, however, and although they initially won reprieves from deportation, their efforts to renew those stays were repeatedly denied.

[He Went To ICE To Tell Agents He Had Gotten Into College. Now He And His Brother Have Been Deported, by Rachel Chason, WaPo, August 2, 2017]

And in another case, an illegal alien in the United States over 20 years was deported:
A mother of four living in Ohio was deported to Mexico after a traffic stop revealed she entered the country illegally from Mexico nearly 20 years ago.

Beatriz Morelos Casillas, 37, was arrested for driving without a license near Cleveland, Ohio, on July 24.

Tuesday, she was deported to Nuevo Laredo, one of the most dangerous places in Mexico and where the State Department issued a travel warning in December 2016 due to violent crime.

Beatriz's husband – who is here legally on a work visa – drove from Ohio to be with her and make sure she's safe.

[After Nearly 20 Years In U.S., Ohio Mother Of 4 Deported Following Traffic Violation, CBS News, August 2, 2017]

The article inadvertently points out the crux of the issue with the Deep State saboteurs, mostly EOIR Immigration Judges and lawyers in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of the Principal Legal Advisor (OPLA).
Ford, however, believes the administration is targeting undocumented immigrants with prior deportations because their previous removal order bars them from even going before an immigration court judge.

"It's an easy way to get high numbers of deportations. They can go directly from ICE custody to the deportation plane," Ford said.

While the article about Casillas doesn't mention explicitly that she had an outstanding order of deportation, it is implied. And the article correctly notes that those aliens with an outstanding order can be removed immediately, as she was.

But in other cases, Immigration Judges are ignoring deportation orders from other Immigration Judges and previous deportations, and reopening such cases illegally. And they’re doing so with the connivance of ICE attorneys at the OPLA who do not object when such cases arrive in immigration court.

Here are some of the illegal aliens who benefited from #DeepState sabotage by Immigration Judges and corrupt ICE attorneys.

A 22-year-old Guatemalan man who was arrested by Border Patrol and held in immigration detention was returned to his family after Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, intervened on his behalf.

Mario Figueroa spent most of his life in Fallbrook after he came to the U.S. with his family at age four to seek asylum. Members of the family had faced kidnappings, rape — and threats written in blood, according to Figueroa’s attorney. The family lost the case, but remained in the U.S., becoming unauthorized immigrants. His parents were deported years ago, Figueroa said...

Figueroa was scheduled to be deported last week because of a standing deportation order from his family’s failed asylum case. Under President Donald Trump, immigration officials have prioritized cases in which immigrants already have final orders from immigration judges because they can be deported more quickly than those who still have to go through the hearing process.

[Unauthorized Childhood Arrival From Guatemala Gets Out Of ICE Custody Thanks To Rep. Hunter, by Kate Morrissey, San Diego Tribune, August 1, 2017]

And another flagrant violation of law by an Immigration Judge.
At a hearing Thursday, a judge set a $5,000 bond for Jose Valle-Rodriguez, after determining he isn't a flight risk or a threat to national security. He’s expected to be released today, after his family posts bond.

His lawyer, Brad Thomson, says Valle-Rodriguez has filed an asylum petition and will also file a marriage petition once his wife Karina becomes a naturalized citizen.

"Because we were able to establish that he potentially has relief against deportation, the judge was more willing to offer bond,” Thomson said.

Valle-Rodriguez fled from El Salvador when he was 17-years-old. A judge ordered him deported in 2005 after he missed an immigration hearing. But Thomson says the 31-year-old never got a notice for the hearing because of a clerical error.

[Ypsilanti Man Detained By ICE Expected To Be Released On Bond, by Rebecca Kruth, Michigan NPR, June 28, 2017]

It was Jennifer M. Gorland,  an immigration judge appointed by  Loretta Lynch ( the most corrupt and incompetent Attorney General ever) who ordered Valle-Rodriguez released.
On Tuesday, US Immigration Judge Jennifer M. Gorland ruled to reopened Jose Valle- Rodriguez’s immigration case, giving the Ypsilanti man a second chance to fight his deportation back to El Salvador. His father-in-law was murdered by gangs in that country, the family says, and they fear Valle-Rodriguez would also become a target.

When Valle-Rodriguez was seized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents last month, both his family and his attorney worried he’d be deported within days. They say they only recently learned that a judge had ordered his removal from the US back in 2005, after he failed to show for an immigration hearing.

[Ypsilanti Man Gets 2nd Chance To Fight Deportation, by Kate Wells, Michigan NPR, June 28, 2017]

Valle-Rodriguez's attorney is making conflicting claims on his case: first that an appointment letter for the deportation hearing wasn't delivered, but then claiming Valle-Rodriguez's has a claim for asylum based on a murder of a relative. That does not explain why Valle-Rodriguez did not go to the immigration court to follow up on his case. Apparently he thought his deportation case would just go away if he did nothing to see what its status was. The fact that he never followed up on his case shows that Valle-Rodriguez never intended to go to his hearing even if he had received the appointment letter. His failure to follow up is more curious because his wife was in the process of naturalization, so he knew that he had to do something about his deportation case.
Cruz-Valle is currently in the process of becoming a naturalized US citizen. When her husband called later that day from Calhoun County Jail, she says he let out a “deep breath of relief.”
Worse yet, the OPLA attorney's in the Detroit ICE office did not object to the reopening of the case.
Thomson says the government has 10 days to respond, at which point a judge will decide whether or not to reopen the case. And he credits immigrations officials for keeping Valle Rodriguez in the US, for now.

"This case is that ICE chose to utilize their discretion not to deport Jose, until we formally turned in this application," Thomson says. "So today I'm really happy with the Director of ICE, I'm happy with ICE, and I have no complaints at least for the next five minutes," he laughed.

You can contact the OPLA Office of Chief Counsel for Detroit here. Ask why the Valle-Rodriguez is allowed to ignore his immigration case and not follow up after his initial arrest in 2005.

Detroit Office of Chief Counsel

Rosa Parks Federal Building 333 Mt. Elliott Street, 2nd Floor

Detroit, MI 48207

Phone: (313) 568-6033

The Trump Administration needs to take control of the recalcitrant members of the EOIR and OPLA, they are actively engaged in sabotage of immigration enforcement. This is the Deep State resisting a policy it does not like. That cannot be tolerated.


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