Dear RNC: I'm Breaking Up With You And No, We Can't Be Friends
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Ugh! Stephen Dinan writes in today's Washington Times under this headline: GOP Backs Bush on Guest Worker Plan 1/21/06 [here]

Looks like the RNC Winter Meeting is adjourned...and yes, the spineless sheep from the Bush ranch voted to endorse a Guest Worker plan.

But the GOP-at-large? I don't think so, friends.

First and foremost, I want to thank all of the readers who took the time to email various members of the Republican National Committee. Many of you also sent notes of encouragement to Arizona's Randy Pullen in support of his very well written resolution on immigration reform.

(Last week, Peter Brimelow gave the Pullen resolution two enthusiastic thumbs-up—here.)

Forgive me if I sound condescending but you guys really made me proud this week! Randy Pullen has said he received thousands of emails!

During yesterday's General Session in Washington D.C., committee members were scheduled to hear two resolutions on immigration reform before adopting the official platform of the GOP.

The Pullen resolution was fair, concise and consistent with the conservative principles and traditions of the Republican Party: No amnesty for the 11 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S.—but instead they should be deported immediately—and no Guest Worker Programs...the Party should not reward law-breakers. Period!

Another resolution introduced by Bill Crocker of Texas became the poster child for the Bush II Guest Worker scam...the White House put their weight behind the Crock proposal...sorry, I mean Crocker proposal...just hours before the vote.

With White House Senior Advisor Karl Rove on hand to strong arm the committee members in the hours leading up to the General Session, it hardly seemed necessary to call for an official vote on the Crocker resolution...which incidentally, was introduced first.

A voice vote rather than electronic, there was a general rumbling of approval when those in favor of the resolution were querried. But when those opposed were querried, you could have heard a pin drop.

In total, there were 10 sponsers of the Pullen resolution but only one voice spoke out in opposition:

Randy Pullen

After stating his "no" vote firmly and clearly, Pullen removed his resolution from consideration. The RNC had unanimously (save one) endorsed a pseudo-amnesty, Guest Worker Program...the debate is over.


Committee members seemed unwilling to even acknowledge the ideological (not to mention ethical) conflict between traditional conservativism and the Bush II immigration agenda.

"We as a party ought to stand united behind our President," said Lilly Nunez, a national committee member from Colorado. [Amid Rifts, GOP Backs Guest-Worker Planby Peter Wallsten, Los Angeles Times 1/21/06]

BB Note: Umm, Lilly? Don't fool yourself, poodle. At this point, " we as a party" lack the level of competency required to choose "steak or chicken" at a convention dinner without diagramed menus—trust me, nobody is expecting anything as grand as party fact, most people probably doubt that "we as a party" can even spell party unity.

Ms. Lilly is a committee member representing the state of Colorado - her Congressman just happens to be Rep. Tom Tancredo, the herald of immigration reform...and a personal favorite of mine.

Tancredo had this to say about the RNC:

"The RNC's failure to pass a get-tough border security resolution shows the extent to which the White House will use strong-arm tactics to secure an amnesty," he said. "If this is any preview of what the president will do with the House bill, he should prepare himself for one heck of a fight."
GOP backs Bush on guest-worker plan by Stephen Dinan The Washington Times 1/21/06

RNC members - such as Lilly Nunez - may choose to endorse the President's agenda against the wishes of their constituencies but last time I checked, Congress doesn't let them vote on bills...

But people like Tancredo can...thank God.

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