Daylight Savings Time: A Compromise
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I like Daylight Savings Time, but a lot of people hate the biannual time shift, especially tonight’s March one where you lose an hour.

Therefore, lots of people either want to get rid of DST or have it year-round. But neither alternative to time-shifting is optimal

If resetting clocks twice per year is so intolerable, we ought to bite the bullet and go to Year Round Half-Hour DST, which would mitigate how terrible Year-Round DST was in January 1974 (when Congress tried it during the first Energy Crisis), and how much of a waste not having DST in July would be.

The problem is that would put the USA a half-hour off from much of the world, which would cause some initial confusion for international phone calls and the like. But some parts of the world are not on the hour as defined by Greenwich Mean Time, including India and parts of Australia.

And, after all, we’re the USA, so we can swing our weight around in these matters. For example, today in the US is 3/12/2022, even though in most of the world 3/12/2022 will be the upcoming December 3. This undoubtedly causes needless confusion, but we get away with it because we are America.


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