“Day without Immigrants” Showcases America’s Arrogant Lawbreakers
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I wasn’t going to write about Thursday’s “Day without Immigrants,” the illegal alien goof-off day, but the Mexican flag splashed across Friday’s San Jose Mercury was irresistible.


Apparently “Day without a Mexican” (film 2004, event 2006) was not inclusive enough for the expanded diversity of the 21st century. But at least “Mexican” (a foreigner) was a more honest characterization than “immigrant” which describes a former foreigner who has entered a country legally with honorable intentions. Nowadays anybody crossing a border unlawfully is an “immigrant.”

Plus, the current derangement has been augmented by social media. Both sides were heard on a furious Twitter exchange on both sides using the hashtag #DayWithoutImmigrants” — it’s still pretty active, last time I looked: #DayWithoutImmigrants

The “immigrants” insist they are not criminals even when they steal jobs that by law should go to citizens alone. They do have an elevated opinion of themselves and their entitlements in the USA.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters chatted with some high school students who cut class a week ago to protest the ban of foreigners from terror nations. Naturally, the students were a little dim about the details of their protest, like the names of the banned counties.

It’s interesting how diverse students take any opportunity to bail out of school and demonstrate their expertise in marxist sign-making and foreign chants, mixed with demands in English: Si, se puede! Screw you, America, now gimme some free stuff!

4,200 Grand Rapids students skip class for ‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest, Michigan Live, Feb 16, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Despite pleas for kids to attend school today, Grand Rapids Public Schools said around 4,200 students weren’t in class due to a “Day Without Immigrants” protest.

John Helmholdt, communications director for GRPS, said it does appear the district of 16,834 students won’t make the 75 percent student attendance threshold for Thursday, Feb. 16, to count as an instructional day.

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Denver Day without Immigrants protest results in half-empty classrooms, closed restaurants, Denverite, Feb 16, 2017

Denver’s foreign-born residents made their absence felt around the city today for the Day without Immigrants protest against President Donald Trump’s proposed policies and stepped up immigration enforcement around the country.

Anyway, it’s becoming stale to say that foreign kids need to learn English and other useful subjects in school. Robots will be performing the simple jobs the aliens are capable of doing soon enough.

Hopefully, President Trump will re-acquaint the aliens with their beloved homelands and all its local culture.

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