David Hines's Brilliant STORIFY On The Coming Leftist Violence: "The Godzilla Trudging Zone"
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David Hines (@hradzka on Twitter) has a brilliant Storify on the threat of violence from the Left, or rather of more and worse violence from the Left: DAYS OF RAGE pt. 5, finale: "what does it portend?".

A Storify is a collection of Tweets, and I don't want to embed all of them, but this is the start:

Hines notes especially the open planning of real violence at the Trump inauguration, and speculates that America should consider a divorce.

How will conservatives—normal Americans—react to this? When blacks rioted in the '70s, people moved out of the Godzilla trudging zone, but we're not only talking about blacks here, but white Leftists—John Derbyshire's Cold Civil War  turning hot. VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow has been warning about this for years.

Be sure to read the whole thing at Storify.com.

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