Darren Wilson Isn't "Free At Last"—Both Blacks And The Government Will Continue To Hound Him In Court
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I wish I could agree with Pat Buchanan that Darren Wilson is "free at last."

I'm afraid that isn't true. Michael Brown's family is suing him.

And they could very well win, as we know from the O.J. Simpson and Los Angeles cops (Rodney King) cases.

Simpson and the cops were acquitted. But both were attacked in civil proceedings, Simpson in a wrongful death lawsuit, the cops by the Bush (41) administration. Simpson and the cops lost.

Acquittal is by no means a guarantee that a wrongful death or some other lawsuit will not follow.

Oddly enough, the white President Bush's Justice Department found evidence that the cops violated King's civil rights because they roughed him up a little. The judge in the civil rights case said only the last few blows from the cops' baton were violated the law. But the black President Obama's Justice Department said Wilson did not violate Brown's civil rights.

No matter. Brown's family can use the court to wreak vengeance upon Wilson for defending himself.

A victory for the Browns will merely reiterate what American Justice has decreed: It's against the law to defend yourself against a black thug. Remember Bernhard Goetz.

Wilson's nightmare may be just beginning.



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