Daniel Horowitz On De-Incarceration In CONSERVATIVE REVIEW: "You Can't Have South Africa Violence With Japan Prison Population"
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Daniel Horowitz has an article in Conservative Review on Obama's plan to let criminals go:

It's quite lengthy—I'll just give you the list of the myths.

  • Myth # 1: The Prison population keeps growing even though crime is declining.
  • Myth # 2: There are millions of people incarcerated in American prisons for no good reason.
  • Myth # 3: Incarceration costs so much money and criminal justice “reform” will save billions.
  • Myth # 4: This bill will only release low level, non-violent drug offenders.
  • Myth # 5: We have a big government culture of over-criminalization that threatens liberty.
  • Myth # 6: Drug laws disproportionately hurt blacks.
  • Myth # 7: Criminal justice reform promotes federalism.
  • Myth # 8: We don’t need mandatory sentencing to get criminals to cooperate.
  • Myth # 9: This bill doesn’t repeal mandatory minimums, it just gives more discretion to judges
  • Myth # 10: The war on drugs failed and is stupid, so as long as this is about drug sentencing, I don’t care.

Of course, Horowitz's point about the difference between South African and Japanese crime rates is the kind of thing that can be called racist, even though he used the word "culture"—which is the wrong word, as Jared Taylor pointed out in Genes, Not “Culture”—Why the Japanese Don't Loot.

To give you an idea of South Africa crime rates, I wrote in 2015 that Britain, which abolished the death penalty in the early 60s, saw the murder rate shoot up as an entirely predictable result, although it's on  recent downtrend. But the difference between the UK and South African murder rates is astounding:


For the Japanese attitude towards public order, see Katrina, Sailer, and Japan.

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