Daily News` Dolores Prida Wants To Suppress VDARE.COM (and Marcus)
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Hmm I just posted a speech called "America's Egalitarian Temptation - Stalinism's Unquiet Ghost" and here is somebody called Dolores Prida proving me right in the New York Daily News (Assimilate this, February 11).

Prida's attack (VDARE.COM appears as an "anti-immigration blog") is inspired by the long-suffering Marcus Epstein and his American Cause study showing that patriotic immigration reform either was not an issue, or was stolen by the Democrats, in the 2008 House races that the GOP lost. I spoke at Marcus' press conference announcing the study and we were all denounced by an $PLC enforcer at the New York Slimes, yawn.

Prida's summary:

...some Republicans wasted no time and just one week after the inauguration of President Obama met in Washington to argue that pandering to pro-amnesty Latino voters is not the way to go forward.

A press release listing their topics of discussion, includes this: ”Whatever gains, if any, pandering to Hispanics gives is greatly outweighed by loss of the White Vote, which is more important.”

Of course, it is simply a fact that the white vote is "more important" - whites were 74% of voters in the last Presidential election according to the CNN Exit Poll. Hispanics were just 9%.

Prida then goes on to assert:

Immigration reform advocates, particularly Latino activists, are falsely characterized as advocating "open borders" and "blanket amnesty."

These comments constitute "hate speech," as defined in a preliminary report on a pilot study conducted by UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center.

Hate speech leads to hate crimes. No argument about that. Violence against Latinos has increased by 40% in the past four years – sometimes with deadly results, as evidenced by last year’s murder of Ecuadoran immigrant Marcelo Lucero on Long Island.

Of course, there is an "argument about that". Lucero, who needless to say was not an "immigrant" but an illegal alien, was killed by students from a school long notorious for muggings. It is ludicrous to pretend that any of them were motivated by statistical analyses of Congressional races. Prida simply wants to suppress debate.

But of course she herself is not merely a leftist, but an immigrant from Latin America, where there is no tradition of debate anyway. Her authoritarianism is merely part of the rich diversity that immigration has brought here.

Prida concludes with an assertion arrogant even by Latino immigrant standards:

There’s no one American "dominant" culture. There never has been. Throughout history, American culture has evolved, and will continue to evolve, with the ebb and flow of immigration from different parts of the world.

It’s all a matter of time.

Bunk, of course. How many Latinos signed the Declaration of Independence? But then, the Founders came from a "dominant" culture that Prida finds inconvenient, if not incomprehensible.

Email Prida.

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