DAILY CALLER Catching Up With VDARE.com On American Worker Displacement
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The item below, illustrated with the above pic of Obama hugging what I assume is an illegal alien, appears today in the Daily Caller:

Fewer US-Born Americans Have Jobs Now Than In 2007

By Neil Munro, Daily Caller, December 19, 2017

Fewer Americans born in the U.S. have jobs now than were employed to November 2007, despite a working-age population growth of 11 million.

The amazing drop in employment highlights President Barack Obama’s slow recovery from the deep 2008 shock, but also spotlights many companies’ growing reliance on foreign migrant labor.

Almost one in every two jobs added since 2009 have gone to foreign-born workers.

In November 2014, one in every five U.S. jobs was held by a foreign-born worker, up from one-in-six jobs in January 2010, according to federal data highlighted by the Center for Immigration Studies. [More]

And may I add, available on VDARE.com for years. Ed Rubenstein wrote National Data | American Worker Displacement—We Unveil VDAWDI, November 16, 2004. Note that since VDARE.com is not a Conservatism, Inc outlet, we were publishing this analysis during the Bush presidency, with both the House and Senate in the hands of the GOP.

However, while displacement of American workers is a bipartisan phenomenon, recent analyses from Ed have shown that Obama is definitely going for the record, as far as American worker displacement is concerned: see  National Data: November Jobs: Immigrants Are the (Only) Winners, and October Jobs: Is Immigrant Displacement Of American Workers Accelerating?.

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